Jacksonville Real Estate Information

Jacksonville, Oregon is located about five miles west of Medford and Interstate 5. Drive into Jacksonville and you may think you have driven back into time. Jacksonville has been a National Historic Landmark since 1966.

Jacksonville was founded as a gold rush town after Gold was discovered in 1850 on Rich Creek. The town flourished and became county seat of Jackson County for many years. There are many historic homes in Jacksonville. Some were ordered as kits from Sears and Roebuck.

After the railroad chose nearby Medford for the train, in 1927 the county seat was moved out of Jacksonville to Medford. This, along with the great depression, caused Jacksonville to loose much of its vitality.

Today, as you walk through Jacksonville you may encounter men and women dressed in the costumes of the 1800’s. They stand ready to share with you Jacksonville’s history. Around the holiday time, the city is decorated in a Victorian theme and many of the historic homes are opened for tours. The Jackson County Historical Society Museum is located in Jacksonville.

In the summertime, Jacksonville comes alive in another way. The Britt Festival, named for Peter Britt, famous photographer from the 1800’s, brings concerts to town. During the festival lovers of any type of music will find a concert to fit their taste. There has been some new housing development in Jacksonville in recent years; however, building codes require that new buildings fit the general Victorian feel of the city.

The pioneer cemetery in Jacksonville is a favorite visiting place for many. Here headstones tell the sad stories of families who followed men looking for gold and lost their lives due to the harsh life on the western frontier.

Jacksonville is living history and invites you to come experience life as it may have been in 1875.