Eagle Point Real Estate Information

Eagle Point, Oregon is located in the Upper Rogue area of Southern Oregon. The city is about ten miles outside of Medford. Eagle Point is only 35 miles from the California border and is centrally located between San Francisco and Portland.

For many years, Eagle Point was a small bedroom community. In 1996, a new golf course was opened on Alta Vista Road and its opening seemed to spur the growth of the city. Only ten years after the opening of the par 72, 18-hole golf course, the city’s population grew from 3500 to 8300. Along with the growth have come several new subdivisions with many newer homes in the city. In late 2006, the city formed and economic growth committee to plan for future growth.

Butte Creek Mill is the only water-operated gristmill located this side of the Mississippi River. The millrace is underneath the mill and horizontal, so there is now an outside water wheel. The mill uses giant grinding stones to grind wheat, corn and other grains, much the same way it did 135 years ago when it was first built. The shop in the mill sells local cheese and wines in addition to the grain products ground at the mill.

Just down the street is the Antelope Bridge, a covered bridge that was moved downstream 12 from its original location to inside the City of Eagle Point in 1987. The bridge, originally built in 1922 is open for foot traffic and maintained by volunteers. Between the Antelope Bridge and Butte Creek Mill is the Eagle Point Museum. The museum is housed in a schoolhouse that was built in 1925.

Although Eagle Point is proud of their history, the city is even more proud of its current growth trend. Young families are moving to Eagle Point to find affordable housing in Southern Oregon.